Upcoming Events

There has been a lot happening since our last post. We have been invited to our first missions conference coming up this Sunday, February 9th, at Orangewood Church in Maitland, Florida. We will have a place to set up our display, complete with literature, flags, photos, and artifacts and share our vision with anyone who will listen.

We are very thankful to the Lord for the help Pastor Joe Creech has provided us with encouragement and wisdom during our process with MTW. Pastor Creech has been involved with MTW since its beginning and remains a committee member. We met one day at a presbytery meeting last September. That providential meeting was just what I needed at that time. The Lord knows what he is doing!

We are also excited to announce that we will also be at the Saint Andrew’s Mission Festival this coming spring. As many of you know, Saint Andrew’s is our home church who has sent us with the youth to Cherokee over the last eight years.

We are also gearing up for our Launch week beginning March 10th. That week will entail a lot of training on logistics. Lord willing, if all goes well, we will have our account open that we may receive funds to get us to the field and begin our work among the Cherokee.

Please pray for this weekend. We are beginning our Saint Andrew’s youth Cherokee trip preparation meetings this Saturday, February 8th. Pray also that we will meet some new folks that we may share our vision for the Cherokee people and ultimately all Native Americans.

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