In the Meantime

During my formative years as a new Christian, I was exposed to many missionaries. My old pastor, Rev. Carl Guiney, now at home with Jesus, always had missionaries come to church sharing what the Lord was doing in various parts of the world. We even had a missionary to Native Americans visit us. Guess which missionary was my favorite. I was inspired and motivated. So off to Bible College I went. Not knowing exactly what missionaries did, I was ready to go anywhere God would send me.

I share this story because I meet a lot of folks like me who are not exactly sure what missionaries do on a day to day basis on the mission field. There is also the question of the meantime between the time they become missionaries and when they get to the field. What are they doing from now until then?

Part of the answer is right before your eyes – communication. Missionaries must continually communicate to people what the Lord is doing regarding the mission. We are also in contact with the team leader currently in Cherokee. Raising up a team to financially partner with us is what will take the majority of our time. That in itself is a full-time endeavor. Although missionaries are sent by denominational mission boards (MTW in our case), the funds to send them come from individuals and churches – the majority from indivuals (approximately 70%).

Although we are already raising funds, this June we will be taking that bold step to pursue full-time fundraising. We will be sending out letters to everyone we know, following up with phone calls, and meeting as many people as possible to share what we believe the Lord is doing in Cherokee. We hope to establish a church plant in the near future, but it will take a team to support us and get us there. Please prayerfully consider joining our team in this mission. Go to our Giving page for more information.

And So It Begins

Regina Mike Patrick

Patrick and Regina reunited with Mike Peifer. Mike is the project manager for Cherokee as well as other Native American projects.

Currently we are in Atlanta at the MTW headquarters. Regina and I are undergoing intense training in support team building and the necessary logistics that come with being a missionary. That’s five long days of seminars and discussions. We have met a lot of great people here at the headquarters, as well as reconnecting with long-time friends we have known since our initial involvement with MTW nine years ago. As the training sessions continue, much of our anxieties are being transformed into eagerness.

The somewhat daunting task of raising funds becomes less and less intimidating as we are reminded that this is God’s plan. He is the one who has called us. He is the one who has brought us thus far. He is the one who has gone ahead of us to lay it upon the hearts of all those who want to participate with our ministry. Pray for a faithful support team  to help us in this important ministry to the Cherokee people.

After  posting this update, we must do some homework in preparation for tomorrow’s sessions. We have a lot to learn and do. Please pray for our stamina during our seminars and that we don’t rely on ourselves, but on the Lord’s strength.

Regina eagerly awaiting to get to work!

Regina eagerly awaiting to get to work!