Milestones are important. They let us know where we are in our journeys. They provide us with a measurement of progress as we forge ahead to our destination. These past few weeks we have reached milestones that have encouraged us along this path.

First, we have had three home presentations, which provided us the opportunity to share our vision of Native American ministry in Cherokee. We are looking to fill our summer with many more. During this time we have had opportunities to reconnect with old friends. This has been a great blessing to us. If you would like to host a home gathering, please contact us. We would love to talk with you. This past week we have also had opportunities to speak with a couple of pastors as well.

Second, we have reached 11% of our fundraising goal in monthly support! We have received additional and substantial contributions in the form of one-time giving, but the actual monthly giving that we can regularly count on is 11%. We are thanking the Lord for that. Always remember, there is no gift too small. Faithfulness is everything. Thank you to all who have given.

Third, there is a long-awaited graduation from seminary coming up Friday, May 23rd. I will still have two more classes to complete in the summer before they actually hand me my lambskin, but I get to walk nonetheless.

Our summer will be full with many activities. On June 5th we are heading to Cherokee for ten days to assist the summer teams as they minister to the Cherokee people. After that we head back to Florida to continue our fundraising and team building. Many folks ask us when we will actually move to Cherokee. The answer is really simple: The Lord knows, but he hasn’t revealed that to us yet. In short, we can’t get there until we have our funds raised. But that does not mean we are not ministering yet. Regina has been consulting over the phone with team leaders as they prepare to bring their teams this summer. Please continue to pray for us. We have hundreds of phone calls and visits to make, as well as keep all of you posted with our progress. Until next time…