Support Report – November 2014

"Unless the Lord builds the house..." (Ps 127)

“Unless the Lord builds the house…” (Ps 127)

Where are we financially?
Currently we are a little over 30% of our pledged regular giving, although more is coming per month in the form of one-time gifts. We need 100% before we can get to Cherokee. Only 70% more to go! Please pray with us that we get to more than 50% by year’s end.

End of the Year Giving
“Sleigh Bells” are already ringing in the malls heralding the encroaching Christmas shopping season. As much as we complain, we eagerly look for the sales. If you are the average consumer in the U.S., then you are projected to spend around $700 on Christmas gifts this year, perhaps in November alone. Before we are consumed by the holiday rush, please consider making a year-end gift to our mission that we may further the Kingdom Jesus was sent to establish.

Regular giving is essential, but we also need one-time gifts to cover additional costs. We need to raise approximately $15,000 for CCMI (Cross-Cultural Ministry Internship). This is a month-long training experience in New York City for the whole Lennox family, which we must go through before we can serve in Cherokee.

Pledge Now, Give Later
You may pledge now and give later when we actually get to Cherokee, but please remember that without pledges, we don’t get there at all. Many folks are already giving, which helps us now, but if you would like to give, but can’t right now, you can still pledge for the future. Please contact us with any questions about that.

All for His Kingdom,

The Lennoxes

Above is an excerpt from November issue of Lennox Letters newsletter. See it here. Click here to SUBSCRIBE.

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