Support Report – Live from Cherokee

Update: We will be at the River Cam at 7 pm. We still need 10 more hits to our Five Things page as well as 25 Facebook votes. See you there!

On Saturday, December 6th, we will be at the Oconaluftee River in downtown Cherokee. We will then you reveal to you where we are in our pledged support raising. You can see us via the “River Cam” here:  Rivercam in Dowtown Cherokee

We will post the exact time Saturday morning. If someone dares me and promises to watch, I will float passed the camera down the crazy cold river on an inflatable tube. I will need at least 25 votes posted on our Facebook and 25 visits to the Five Things You Could Do page for that to happen — otherwise we will be standing on the river banks or attempting some other creative alternative.

This post will be posted on Facebook. If you see us, let us know in the comment section.

We are visiting Cherokee to participate in a parade Saturday as well as cast our vision at a neighboring church the next day. We are thankful to the Lord for a very generous church who has made this trip happen for us.


4 thoughts on “Support Report – Live from Cherokee

    • That remains in the realm of possibility, but I am not sure it will touch down in the world of actuality. Since we are not going to be there again until summer, the cold winter element will not be part of the fun of it. Lord willing, we will have our funds raised by next winter and ridiculous stunts like that won’t be necessary. But who knows?

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