Back from Cherokee

Can you guess where Ryan is?

Can you guess where Ryan is?

The Parade

We just got back after a wonderful weekend in Cherokee.  We were asked to march in the Cherokee Christmas parade. Norm Dunkin and the gang from Carriage Lane Presbyterian who have been marching in the parade for many years extended the invitation to us last week and we jumped at the opportunity. They have been such a dedicated church committed to ministering to the people of Cherokee for two decades.

Looking for Our Replacements

As fun as it was to romp around in a silly costume, there was a very serious side to it. We were able to see the faces and meet more of the people we want to reach with the gospel. As I handed out candy and souvenirs to the little children, I wondered if any them would be part of the church we are looking to plant. I was looking for my replacement who would one day be a leader in the church and raise up others for the spreading of the gospel throughout all of Native America. Will any of those young boys grow up to be elders, pastors, youth leaders, or missionaries? Are any of those little girls going to become a Sunday school teacher one day, or maybe even a missionary like Tammy Jackson (MTW missionary to Cherokee and Lummi)? We can only wonder, but the Lord knows.

Regina and Shiah

Regina and Shiah

While in Cherokee we met with our fellow missionaries, Scott and Ruth Hill, as well as Norm Dunkin. We were able to dream, plan, and pray about what we hope the Lord would do on the reservation — a very productive and encouraging time.

We also had an opportunity to present ourselves during Sunday school at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Sylva, NC. We cannot recommend that church enough to anyone in that region looking for a great church — fine preaching and excellent music, and a great bunch of folks. Pastor Philip Sealy and his wife, Lori, really know how to show hospitality, too.

Regina with dear friends, Whitney and little Kailyana

Regina with dear friends, Whitney and little Kailyana

Giving Update

Over the last couple of days, some very significant gifts came in for which we are thankful. We also just got word of another church supporting us as well, although we are not sure of the amount just yet. But right now we know we are at 32.5% of pledged regular giving. Pray we get passed 50% before year’s end.

Norm and Blue (Ryan)

Norm and Blue (Ryan)

Rivercam Sham

We want to apologize to any of you who tuned into the Rivercam Saturday. We were told by a lady at the visitor center that it was turned off. We searched for it anyway after the parade in the dark. Although there were not enough votes for me to get into the water (thank the Lord!), we had something special planned, but it did not work out.

Last Words

It was a bitter/sweet time we had in Cherokee. The trip was out of the blue, but it turned out to be such a great blessing. We long to be the there and minister among the Cherokee full-time. There is so much to do. Please help us get there. Please visit our Five Things You Can Do to learn about how you can get us there.

Until next time…

The Lennoxes


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