Personal Endorsements

Below are some kind words from our friends. If it helps you make an informed decision about supporting us and our work in Cherokee, then read on.

Stan & Christi M., Sanford, FL

The first time I met Patrick he made quite a good impression on me and my wife. He was the youth director at our church, and it was evident that this wasn’t an all play, little to no gospel kind of youth group. His love for God, God’s Word, and God’s people was evident. He had a genuine enthusiasm that was contagious. I would see him around church from time to time, and that enthusiasm for the things of God was always present.

A couple of years ago Patrick encouraged me to get involved in a Bible study at a homeless shelter. He had been leading it and was turning over the reins to another gentleman. On a couple of occasions he came by to lead the study when I was there. His knowledge, and love, of Scripture was impressive. He could just off the cuff go through God’s redemptive plan through Biblical history. It was second nature to him. (Or was it first nature?) He would light up the room with his lessons.

He had for years been taking the youth to Cherokee for missions work. When I heard of his plans to become a full-time missionary to the Cherokee it just made sense. Here is a man who loves God. He loves God’s Word. He knows God’s word. He loves people. He loves the Cherokee.

Christi and I both have Cherokee in our blood. I think it was great grandparents. Maybe one more generation back. (I need to look that up!) When you put Patrick together with Cherokee, it just had my name written all over it. The Cherokee have historically not been treated too well by the United States. They’ve had a sad existence. They, like all of us, are in need of God’s grace. I believe God will use Patrick and his family as a vehicle to take his grace to the Cherokee.

Because of all of that and more, I am thrilled with the opportunity to support the Lennoxes. I think this is the first missionary family Christi and I have personally supported, not just through regular church giving. When I first met Patrick I would never have believed his enthusiasm for God could grow even more, but it has. And it it has rubbed off on me.


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