Current Needs

Please take a look at our current needs and pray about how you can help.  Print this list out and stick it in your Bible or on your refrigerator, which ever you frequent most.

Prayer – We always need prayer. Please frequent our Prayer Journal to see how the Lord answers our petitions.

 A Support Team – We cannot go alone. We need a team supporting us with prayer, encouragement, and finances.

Advocates – Advocates are members of our team who diligently tell others about what we are doing by word of mouth and social media, e.g., Facebook or Twitter.

Speaking Opportunities –  We need opportunities to share our burden and vision for Native America. There are multiple ways:

  • Home gatherings  – Groups between 10 – 20 (or more) people gathered in a home is a great way for us to share  our vision with people and answer all the questions people may have. If you would like to host a gathering in your home please let us know. Note: We are willing to travel. This offer is not only for our Florida friends.
  • Churches – Let us know if you think your church may be interested in supporting us. Talk to your pastors, elders, mission boards. Pastors get a lot of requests for sponsorship from missionaries all the time. It helps if he knew that there others in the church who share the burden for Native American ministries.
  • Personal meetings – Breakfast, Second breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Supper, Tea, whenever you want to get together with us, let us know, let’s make it a date. Depending on our schedule and distance to travel we can personally meet with you. Don’t forget Skype and Facetime. We would love to talk with you about our burden for Native America

Wisdom – We have a lot of decisions to make from now until we get to the field. It will be very tempting to resort to our own “wisdom” when faced with difficult challenges.




One thought on “Current Needs

  1. You have been and will continue to be in our (Deneise and I) prayers. Financial support will be coming in August as well.

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