Five Things You Can Do


1. Follow us to Indian Country. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter. To subscribe to this blog, hit the little widget at the top right of the page. We are also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Learn about the needs Native America and be informed in your prayers and conversations with others. Take a look at our other pages: Native America Today and HOW: Were you informed about Native Americans?

3. Tell others about the need in Native America and what God is doing among Native peoples. That means forwarding newsletters, or sharing and liking our Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts. It’s easy – just few clicks and keyboard taps.

Warning: If you ever get that feeling like you don’t want to bother your friends with too many forwarded posts, ignore that feeling, it never goes away – welcome to missions. Besides, on Facebook, only about 20% of your posts ever make to someone’s feed. Every little bit counts.

You can also host a home gathering where we could present or burden and vision for Native America. They are also a way for us to see friends before we move away. Think of it as a going away party. Also, you don’t have to live in Florida for us to visit your home.

4. Pray for us. You can see updates on our Prayer Journal and Current Needs pages. Also, please pray about becoming a partner with us.

5. Give to our mission by clicking here. We need regular financial giving to get us to Native America and keep us there. If you would like to support us, but you are not sure if you are able, please remember that no amount is too small. Really. We truly appreciate any pledge that comes our way. It is a huge encouragement to know friends are striving with us as we seek to serve the Lord in Native America. Also, please consider a regular pledged commitment. One-time gifts always help, but it is the faithful regular giving that missionaries can plan on. To learn about which giving strategies are best, please read this blog post, Fair Winds.

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