Thank you for venturing onto this page. As you already know, eternal life is free to all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, but the logistics of getting that good news to the world takes human effort, time, and resources.

We hope that you will consider becoming part of our support team that we may reach the unreached with the Gospel. We ask that you would beseech the Lord to guide you in your decision. We need supporters to see us through the long haul. We cannot do this on our own. The sooner we raise our support, the sooner we get to Native America.

Please know that we appreciate any gifts we receive. Whatever the Lord sends we will gladly accept. But as you consider giving, please understand that although a special gift is good, the regular committed giving is what we can plan on. Whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annually, faithfulness is everything. If you believe our mission to be worth giving to once, then please consider partnering with us on a regular basis.

What is the difference between regular and pledged gifts?

Regular gifts come from friends who want to help by giving on a fairly regular basis, but have not committed to an amount or schedule. Those gifts are like repeating special gifts. They come in at varying amounts at varying intervals. We are not sure they will happen again, but they are always helpful and appreciated.

Pledges are what we can bank on. A pledge is a commitment that says, “I will give this amount and you can expect it every year for at least four years, either monthly, quarterly, or year-end.” This kind of giving will enable us to know we will be sustained throughout the journey. The most important things about a pledge is that it is predictable and dependable. Once we receive 100% or our pledges, we get packing and move.

Four-year commitment – For planning purposes, we are asking for at least a four-year commitment in the form of a pledge. A pledge is not a contract. Pledges are made in faith. If your financial situation changes, adjustments need to be made, and we understand that. Better to decrease a pledge than cancel it.

Pledge now, give now – Many people are giving according to their pledges now with the intent on being our partners indefinitely. Those funds help us right now as we devote ourselves to full-time team building.

Pledge now, give later – Other people have pledged now, but will begin fulfilling it when we are ready to move to the field once we reach our 100% pledge status.

No pledge too small – Average pledges are about $66. Some are as low as $5 while others are much higher. The most important thing is faithfulness. If every one of our friends made a monthly pledge of $30 today, we would be packing our bags tomorrow!

What’s the difference between special, regular, and pledged giving?  Click here.

Please click here to give. *Please note that the MTW website uses the term ‘recurring gift’ to identify pledges.

We would love to talk with you. You can reach us here on our Contact Us page.

Donation Address:
Patrick and Regina Lennox #14241 (always include name and number in check memo)
c/o Mission to the World
P.O. Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374-4165
678-823-0030 or 1-866-373-6133

7 thoughts on “Giving

  1. Patrick and Regina, welcome aboard; Lynn and I look forward to serving with you; as soon as your account is set up let me know so that we can fire a few denarius your way. Also, if you would like, I can run some interference for y’all at some churches here in the panhandle of Florida/LA (lower Alabama). Take care.
    Ken & Lynn

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Sorry I haven’t written sooner. Sue and I have been financially stretched lately (2 children getting married within 4 months). But we are attempting to add you and Regina to our monthly budget. We value your friendship and your work much more than words can express.
    Tom & Sue

    • Wow, thanks, Tom and Sue. That is very encouraging. No apologies, please. We know you pray for us. You have already done so much for us by encourage and friendship, which are priceless. Whatever amount you determine will be greatly appreciated (BTW, you can pledge now and begin to fulfill it once we get to the field after we reach 100% of our pledges). Tom, we are coming up on twenty seven years since you greeted me and handed me a Bible at First Assembly. Time is flying. The Lord bless you.

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