Prayer Journal

Please pray for…

The Big Five

  1. Launch – We are beginning a new chapter in ministry, which involves multiple facets, and a million details. Pray we can keep our heads straight and feet forward.
  2. Finances – We need a bigger support team. Support began to drop as soon as we got on our first field two-years ago. Now that we are beginning this new chapter of ministry, our travel expenses with increase. Pray for yourself. If you would like to give, but don’t think you can, ask the Lord to make it possible.
  3. Opportunities – We have a few scheduled presentations on the calendar, but we need more. Also, consider having a home-gathering with some friends to meet with us and pray for our mission. For many reasons, home presentations are sometimes better than mission conferences at churches.
  4. Perseverance –  We are in this for the long haul. Our journey seems perpetually up-hill. Upward and onward! Pray for our perseverance.
  5. Prayer Team We would like a prayer team of at least 70 people. We want 10 people dedicated everyday of the week to pray for us and our mission. Choose a day when you can pray for us. Let us know which day and stick with it. Use this page as a guide.  Pray as you feel led. Just pray. We really need prayer. Please let us know which day you choose.

Oldies but Goodies…

Anxieties – Life is moving fast and sometimes hard to keep on top of it all. 

Finances – We are praying for our support to come in. There are lots of people giving us moral support and are praying for us, but ultimately we need the answer to those prayers in the form of pledges every month. See our Fair Winds post for more info about types of the giving and why it matters.

Travel –  Traveling takes a lot of planning, driving, and money. Much of our one-time gifts get burned up on the road. If we had our full pledged support, those one-time gifts could be used for our actual ministry budget on the field.

Home Gatherings – We are running out of people to know. We need to be exposed to new people. We would like to do more home gatherings to share our mission with friends. If you or somebody you know would like to host a home gathering, please let us know.

Faith – that it would not waver but grow stronger each day.

Encouragement – This is not an easy road. We were forewarned by good missionary friends that we will go through the most intense spiritual warfare before we will even get to the field. He wasn’t lying.

Finances – that we would raise our financial support team. The Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps 50:10), he will get us what we need, but he wants us to pray!

Long Term

1. Pray for Native America. The needs are great, but our God is greater. Casinos can’t fix substance abuse, depression, high suicide rates, and the overall effects of sin. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ has the saving and healing power that is desperately needed on the reservations.

2. Pray for more missionaries to go reach Native American and First Nations people.

3. Pray for Native American and First Nations missionaries to rise from the reservations and reach the world. Pray for Native pastors to be better equipped to served in very difficult situations.

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