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Christmas is coming! Black Friday came and went and Cyber Monday began on Sunday. The retailers are beckoning you with deals that will be impossible to pass up. Let me tell you a secret: they want your money. And not only retailers, but everyone else, too. Right now presidential candidates are on the campaign trail receiving millions of dollars to advance their bid for the highest office in the land. They are asking, and they are receiving.

Just this past weekend, with no consideration for me and my Saturday rituals, PBS interrupted their (my!) usual programming in order to raise money. Imagine that! They’re pushing for a strong fiscal finish by the end of the year with your tax-deductible gift. As much as I love watching This Old House every week, I didn’t make “that call” to continue receiving that “quality programming.” But I admit they were offering some really cool appreciation gifts: DVDs, special club membership status with all the benefits, etc. You know the spiel.

Campaigning for the Kingdom

Likewise Christian ministries do the same thing. You know, ask for money? And there is nothing wrong with that. They need money to run their ministries that provide us with those edifying goods, services, and well…ministry. Aside from selling products, a common strategy for ministries to get money is to offer free stuff. Just call the toll-free number, give your name, address, and phone number and receive your free gift. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an appeal letter and follow-up phone call asking if you would like to partner with the ministry. Many of your favorite ministries have a whole team of callers dialing up prospective ministry partners. Again, nothing wrong with that. That’s just how it works…and it does work.

Et Tu Reginae?

IMG_20151130_115302So what about us? We don’t have a radio show or podcast. We don’t have a catalog full of various teaching media. No national or regional conferences. What we do will never be available for public consumption. We are missionaries. We are the night callers. We raise our funds by asking people like you to support us so we can go to minister to other people. Aside from chocolates at our display table, you don’t get free stuff, only the satisfaction of giving so others can benefit. *Full disclosure, we gave away free DVDs at a TGC conference once, but not much response.

Welcome to My Dream World!

Classic scene from The Truman Show (1988)

Classic scene from The Truman Show (1988)

I remember a couple of years ago when I had a conversation with someone about our decision to go to the mission field. With all sincerity, he proceeded to tell me how bad the economy was, that I was not a fundraiser, and how I was living in a dream world. The funny thing was, he was right on all three counts. It’s true, the economy is bad, I am not a “fundraiser,” and yes, I am dreaming.

I know that the economy is not what we want it to be, but I also know that next Saturday morning, like always, I will be watching my favorite shows on PBS. People will be buying their designer coffee at a local coffee shop. Next November we will have a new president-elect promising to turn the economy around, and our favorite ministries will be doing what they always do. They will all get their funding.

Native Girl on switch boardAs you read this, I hope you will consider dreaming with us and supporting this missionary family. Help us answer our call to serve Native America at the Mokahum Ministry Center in Cass Lake, MN. You don’t have to give a lot, just something regular we can count on. We hope you would dare to dream with us and see the glory of God displayed in Native America.


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Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

Great friends + great view, = great day

Great friends + great view = great day

Every year as we hold our teen outreach at a local community center, kids from the different corners from the reservation come out to spend their days with us. Our program is pretty simple, shoot some hoop, play some dodgeball, sing some songs, and have a time of Bible teaching and prayer, followed by pizza. Later we take a field trip into the mountains and enjoy God’s creation.

Although we have gotten to know and love many of the youth through the years, we are blessed to meet new kids all the time. During one of our trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I asked a couple of the new kids about their exposure to Christianity. I learned that one them went to church when she was three-years-old, while the other one had never stepped foot in a church his whole life. I was all the more eager to tell them about Jesus.

As we continued to drive through the mountains, I asked them to tell me who they thought Jesus was. If you recall, Jesus asked Peter the same question in Matthew 16:15. Our new friends reluctant to answer, so I carefully explained that there was no wrong answer. I made it clear that I was not asking them to tell me who He was, but rather, I wanted to know what idea they had of Him with what little exposure that they had to biblical teaching. One of them dared an answer. In that guessing kind of way, she said, “I don’t know, was he a really good Christian who fought for freedom?” I said, “Ya know, I like that answer.” As much as a guess as it was, I liked it because of the truth in that assessment (yes, of course I gently clarified the fact that Jesus is the Son of God and Christians are the ones follow Him). I like it because Jesus did fight for freedom – freedom from sin, freedom from death and God’s wrath, freedom from the world, the flesh, and the devil. Yes, Jesus did fight for freedom, and he who the Son sets free is free indeed.

We are praying for more occasions to disciple the youth of Cherokee. We want to see them set free. We are praying for a day when they share in Peter’s confession to Jesus, “You are the Christ, Son of the Living God” (Matt 16:16).